A Success!

T’was a success last night. All could not be merrier! For Graziano, Salanio and I have stolen my dear Jessica from her father’s house. Many of her father jewels and ducats brought with her she did. When he had arrived she did not want to be torch bearer, for she was ashamed of being dressed as a man. She has said that she will marry me and shall “Become a Christian and thy loving wife.” a act faith that cannot be matched. I see why Grazanio does not believe she is a jew because she is too kind. But in my eyes she is more than that, she is wise, beautiful and faithful. Dear god she makes me go mad!

One thought on “A Success!

  1. I doth agree! A success it ’twas! And now, I bid thee farewell, for off to Belmont go I, an asset of Bassanio. In search of the hand of the rich heiress Portia to wed, I wilt accompany him, and there, a valiant friend and sir I shalt become! But hath I need become one? Surely I hath proven myself worthy and honorable? And yet, a kind and compassionate soul I doth present as I be faithful and journey far to aid my dear companions! Farewell! Farewell!

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