The Stealing of Jessica

Tonight, for I plan to sneak from the party that I shall attend and steal Jessica from her father’s house. I will need the aid of Graziano and Salanio, hopefully they will understand and come to my aid. She has told me that she will to disguise herself as a man, take her father’s jewels and gold. This, this wonderful plan she has, dressing as a man, how would one ever come up with such a witty plan. As for her loyalty unto me, it is unbound, for she has left her father just to be with me. This woman I love is everything and more. I cannot wait for tonight, for after tonight their shall be nothing between Jessica and I but love.

5 thoughts on “The Stealing of Jessica

  1. I wilt surly assist thee in thy noble cause. Pronounce the hour, and I shalt be there. An ingenious plan tis’ this I doth agree. Of might and of valour unto the fair mistress you shall attend. And I, an asset at thy side, a hero also wilt become. Thenceforth, I am off! To commence the aid of Signior Antonio also, but a listening ear wilt I lend to thee in thy time of trouble!

    • Many thanks to you Grazanio, thou art truly brave. If all goest well, we shalt be back before dawn. For I have sent word to Jessica that all is going to plan, and to be ready with everything at midnight. We shalt not fail for this quest is for love.

      • A successful endeavour ‘twas last nights’ affair. Disguised even was her dark, silky hair. And Shylock’s ducats now whisked away with the maiden, Shylock ‘tis sure to be left only a heart heavy-laden. Away again go I, for Bassanio seeks the hand of the heiress Portia and I am to accompany him also.

  2. Oh, my love Lorenzo, I will do anything to be with you, for my love and loyalty lie only to you. The shame of dressing up as a boy is nothing compared to the misery of being away from you, sweet Lorenzo. Everytime I close my eyes, I see your face, but when I open them, you are not there. I have nothing to fear but to be separated from you. I will do nothing but pray to God until we meet, that our flee shall be successful, and that our love holds strong. But be careful Lorenzo, my father is of person who would not forgive such a thing. That’s why I am not leaving any letters for If he were to know that you and I left together, your fate and mine would no longer be in our own hands. I wish safety upon you Lorenzo, and by God may we find our way together.

  3. A warning came to me, a little bird spoke of what I thought to be slanderous lies. I had heard rumours floating about the winds, but thought it to be preposterous! What treachery is this? You asses think it intelligent to go forth and rip my daughter from my clutches? I have invested much into the imprudent girl, years it has taken to raise her as a faithful and loyal lass, and you gather your fools to plot a thievery? A kidnapping of a father’s prized possession?

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