Bassanio and her Ladyship has Returned

The real lord of Belmont Bassanio has returned today, and so has her ladyship Portia. With them they bring Antonio and good news of his hearing. When I heard of the Jews I thought it was fair. There was a little bit of a heated discussion. It had something to do with Bassanio and Grazanio giving away their rings that their wives had given them, that they had sworn to never take off. But then Portia and her lady Nerissa took out the rings and told them of their tricks and how they were the lawyers.

Lord of Belmont

Today I have been made master of Belmont, for Bassanio has left to attend the hearing of Antonio, and Portia has left to pray at a monastery only 2 miles away. I think that Jessica and I will have a fond time being the masters of this fine palace, and for once be serve by servants instead of being the servants serving.There is only but one problem, that foolish jester Lancelot. With his horrible pun and twisting of words. But for the while that I am here I shall be his master, not he mine.

A Success!

T’was a success last night. All could not be merrier! For Graziano, Salanio and I have stolen my dear Jessica from her father’s house. Many of her father jewels and ducats brought with her she did. When he had arrived she did not want to be torch bearer, for she was ashamed of being dressed as a man. She has said that she will marry me and shall “Become a Christian and thy loving wife.” a act faith that cannot be matched. I see why Grazanio does not believe she is a jew because she is too kind. But in my eyes she is more than that, she is wise, beautiful and faithful. Dear god she makes me go mad!

The Stealing of Jessica

Tonight, for I plan to sneak from the party that I shall attend and steal Jessica from her father’s house. I will need the aid of Graziano and Salanio, hopefully they will understand and come to my aid. She has told me that she will to disguise herself as a man, take her father’s jewels and gold. This, this wonderful plan she has, dressing as a man, how would one ever come up with such a witty plan. As for her loyalty unto me, it is unbound, for she has left her father just to be with me. This woman I love is everything and more. I cannot wait for tonight, for after tonight their shall be nothing between Jessica and I but love.